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The Hawthorne Series
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We are dedicated to providing quality, state of the art, aesthetically pleasing vinyl window products. We understand that homeowners today demand the highest quality vinyl windows held to the highest industry performance standards. We have delivered with the American Window Alliance's Hawthorne, Belmont, and new construction Windgate!

Typical Hardware & Glass Features are:

Stainless-Steel Constant Force Balance for User Friendly Operation!
Specially Designed Locks and Interlocking Sash Rails for Better Security & Performance!
Simple to Use Tilt Latches & Tilt-In Sash Design for Easy Cleaning!

Double Night Vent Latches Easy to Engage & Effective for just the Right Size Opening for Gentle Summer Breezes!
Innovative Glass Package & Honeycomb Vinyl Web Design for Superior Thermal Protection!
Weather Resistant Sunshield Vinyl!




Hurricane Shutters

Accordion shutters are ideal for security as well as well as storm protection. Accordion shutters are permanently installed on the house so they are ready for use at anytime. This shutter is economical and durable. Accordion shutters are available in white, bronze, ivory and beige.


Hurricane Shutters

Roll Tech's Bahama Shutters
have a Caribbean style. The Bahama shutter reduces the amount of sunlight entering the window. It also allows cool breezes to pass through the openings. This beautiful style provides privacy and protection by simply lowering and latching the shutter. Available in "Rated" or decorative.

Hurricane Shutters

Roll Tech's Colonial Shutters
offer a traditional timeless accent to homes. Although they look decorative, they are fully functional. Available in "Rated," to meet code requirements, and Non Rated styles. These are two piece permanently mounted shutters. They are hinged on the side and fold into a closed position which latches for protection in the event of a storm.

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